Thursday, May 14, 2009

Portrait finished

Copyright Laura Hardie 2009

I put the last finishing touches to Skye this morning and now feel I’ve reached the stage where I’ve done all I can to this portrait so I’m officially calling it finished – further to approval of course.

Despite my reservations with the choice of reference photos for both dogs – there were some discussions early on and they were not the ones I would have personally chosen - I think they work well together. Maybe I should point out that I am terribly fussy when it comes to reference photos:)

And not forgetting the finished portrait showing both dogs together.

Keira and Skye
16x12 Coloured Pencil on paper
Copyright Laura Hardie 2009


davelarson said...

This is wonderful, You've really captured this guy

Kimmy said...

Hi Laura,

What can I say apart from I am totally blown away with the magnificent portrait of both Skye and Keira that you've done for my Mum's 70th Birthday. You truly have caught every single detail in both of them, i.e. their personalities and their eyes and facial expressions, everything really, and I'm glad that we stuck with the photos we gave you as I genuinely think this captures how they are with each other - my Mum will be absolutely thrilled, I'm sure!!!

Thank you so much for putting such effort, detail and feeling into the portrait, as trust me, it shows! You truly are a gifted artist Laura and I would have no hestitation in coming back to you for future portraits and I would definitely highly recommend you to any of my friends (one of which is currently thinking about getting a portrait as we speak!).

So thank you again for what is, I'm sure, a present that will truly be treasured forever and I look forward to hearing from you early next week with regards to posting it out to me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Laura!!

Many many thanks,

Kim :0) x

Sally Lancaster said...


I've never had nice long comments like that from any of my customers! Think I might have to start demanding better comments from them! ;-D

Mona said...

magnificent job, and nice to hear that your client is well-pleased.

Laura said...

Thank you Dave, I'm glad you think so:)

Hi Kim, Thank you so much - as I said in my email to you I'm truly touched by what you had to say and delighted that you are happy with the finished portrait.

Thank you Sal - I couldn't have asked for a better comment could I:) Makes what we do that bit more special don't you think:)

Thank you Mona - yes, it makes it sooooo much better:)I've done many, many portraits now but still get nervous to what people will say when they see their finished portrait.

Sally McLean said...

A stunning portrait! You are a Master!! I can't beleve how quickly you work as well!!

Jennifer Rose said...

this is gorgeous! :D I love the fur on both dogs and you have captured the facial expressions in the photos perfectly :)

Grahame Butler said...

Hi Laura, another beautiful portrait, no wonder the client is so pleased with your work, have you thought of giving lessons? if ever you do I'll be on the first train to Edinburgh

Teresa Mallen said...

A fantastic finish, Skye looks wonderful. And yes, such a lovely response from the client. How wonderful that they took the time to put their thoughts in writing.

Laura said...

Wow, thank you everyone - what great comments to wake up to on a Friday morning:)

Hi Sally, don't know if I'd say I was quick - I was working on this one for just over 3 weeks(not everyday of course) but would definately like to be quiker:)

Hi Grahame, what a compliment, thank you:) I have been asked a number of times if I do classes but not sure if I'm cut out to be a tutor - for one I'm very shy and lack confidence. Not good I know if I want to make it in the art world:)

Hi Teresa, my thoughts exactly:)