Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All done

16x12 Pencil on paper
Copyright Laura Hardie 2009

It never ceases to amaze me just how time consuming all those ‘little jobs’ that need doing can be. Visits to the framers for mounts, wrapping portraits for posting, printing photos, paperwork, updating website, etc, etc – all need doing but is time spent away from the drawing board. My time planned with my camera and photographing artwork didn’t happen unfortunately but it will get done, and soon.

I did manage to finish my portrait of Charlie and get a scan I am happy with thanks to pencil artist Grahame Butler (thank you), who left a very helpful Photoshop step-by-step on my last post on how to get that background white without affecting the drawing. This is definitely a great starting point and something I can play around with and expand on in the future.

Pencils used in this portrait, for those who are interested, were Staedtler Mars Lumograph in grades 4H, 2H, H, B, 2B and 3B.


Grahame Butler said...

Beautiful drawing Laura, The fur looks so soft and flowing, I wish I could achieve this feel to my dog portraits. Thank you for the name mention and I'm pleased if the info helped you.

Laura said...

Thank you Grahame - glad you like him:) I'm so pleased I can now get a scan of my drawings that I'm happy with and can't thank you enough for the help - you've saved me hours of trial and error (and frustration) on Photoshop trying to figure something out for myself:)

Jennifer Rose said...

it was very help what Grahame commented, will come in very handy :)

the dog looks wonderful, very soft flowing fur, I just want to touch it because it looks so real.

Laura said...

Thank you Jennifer:)

Yes, Grahames help was much appreciated and very helpful - hope you can benefit from it too:)

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

A beautiful drawing. Charlie looks great and so alive:)

Laura said...

Thank you Sheona:) I have to say it was great to work with my pencils again and not have to think about colour.

Teresa Mallen said...

Congratulations on another lovely piece and congratulations on getting a scan you liked! and ah yes, those pesky but necessary "little jobs" - they do take an incredible amount of time.

Laura said...

Thank you Teresa:)

You don't know how good it feels to finally be able to get a scan with a white background after all this time. Yes it is whiter than my paper but it's so much better than what I was getting before and is what I will need when I get round to doing prints.