Thursday, January 08, 2009

A horse continued

A Work in Progress
Graphite pencil on paper

I’m still working away on the horse above – not much more to go now, mainly just the mane to do and the inevitable touch-ups. I hadn’t actually planned on doing this horse next, it just happened, and despite it taking longer than I’d hoped to complete I want to finish it before I start anything else.

It started out as a sketch or at the very least a drawing where I could ‘loosen up’ my pencil strokes in an attempt to break free from being so true to my reference photo. But before I knew it I was adding the intricate details and putting in the hours.

My problem is that I work from photos and I have to draw what I see.
Obviously when working to commission I have to be true to my reference and it isn’t a problem but when working on my own pieces I can’t help being made to feel guilty about reproducing exactly what is in the photo, especially if that work is planned for an exhibition and it isn't my photo I'm working from. There is a lot of objection to this and, while I do feel my drawings are how I interpret the photo, I do want to work more ‘loosely’ - have the photo more as an aid and not concern myself so much with the fine detail. Change things even - for me that's a challenge. The problem I have is that my hands wont seem to let me. Or maybe it’s my head not happy with the results if I don’t draw what I see in front of me, details and all – I will persevere.


Deborah Ross said...

Your horses are just beautiful! Especially the horse with no name from your Sept. post. I wish I could just reach into the screen and rub his velvety soft nose. All of them have so much personality.

Laura said...

Thank you Deborah, I'm really pleased you like them. Its funny you mention their velvety noses as I LOVE drawing them and always start my drawings there.

Crystal Cook said...

I totally agree with what you say about painting looser, even though I am not as realistic as you(you are fantastic!) I struggle with this same thing and feel like I have to justify the work I do. I love your horses by the way.:)

Dream Big said...

Beautiful work! I have drawn horses since childhood, but they are nowhere as realistic as yours! I am terrible at depth and shading. Do you sell prints? I am very interested in purchasing one. :)

Laura said...

Hi, I do sell some prints but plan on doing more in the future. You can see what I have available on my website at :)