Sunday, March 04, 2007

Busy busy

Four or five months ago I was complaining to my husband how I had no time to draw 'my things' as I was fully booked with Xmas orders (which is great of course) and how I really missed it. He told me not to worry as I would have plenty of time come January onwards. How wrong he was!!

Surprisingly (I say this going on previous years at this time) I have been really busy with commissions and now taking orders for May. Obviously I am really pleased with this as people are finding me some way or other and like my work enough to commission me.

So while I miss not having the time to do my own work for the time being I can't complain as I'm doing something I love and get great enjoyment from. Saying this, I intend to find that extra hour here and there to update my website (long overdue in my opinion), draw something for me (can't wait) and brush up on my photography skills (more about this in another post).

Now for a portrait........ this is my latest, completed using colour pencils, of a Golden Lab called Wallace. I have to say he was sooooo good and sat there all the time while I snapped away with my camera!

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pencilwizard said...

Gorgeous as always Laura.