Thursday, July 20, 2006

Back to Work

As predicted the good weather didn't last long (probably a good thing) so it was back to the easel today. Started working on Barney, a 7 year old Cocker Spaniel I am doing in colour pencil. You can view how this portrait progresses at . I will post Stage 1 tomorrow after I have photographed it.

Talking of photographs...... I am very happy at the moment as I got an amazing camera yesterday for my birthday - a Canon EOS 30D Digital SLR. No animal or body was safe as I went around trying it out. I LOVE it and I've only started!!! There is so much more the camera can do than I know about yet but am looking forward to finding out. It will come into it's own when I need to photograph dogs for commissions (renowned, in my experience, for not sitting still) as it takes up to 25 continuous shots in one go - brilliant. I have lost count of the number of perfect shots I have missed because my camera wasn't ready!

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